Complete 2 person intercom with 10w handheld

Complete 2 person intercom with 10w handheld

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Complete 2 person Bluetooth intercom with the following components.

2 Freedconn Bluetooth helmet kits 

1 sena sr-10 Bluetooth 2way radio adapter

1 10w hand held UHF radio. 

1 Hand held to Sena adapter cable.

 With this combination you can have live intercom between driver and passenger. No wires to tie you down.  The Bluetooth radio adapter allows the 2way radio to transmit to others in your group using the same channels.  2 choices on how to activate the radio. Either press the PTT button on the Sena Bluetooth adapter and speaker through your helmet kit or use the wired handlebar PTT button. 


You can also Bluetooth your phone to your headset to receive and make calls. When using the intercom and a radio transmission comes through it will automatically disconnect you from intercom and allow you to hear 2way radio traffic and then automatically switch back to intercom when transmission has finished. 


If you dont feel like talking to anyone else you can use your phone as a music source.