Rugged 2 Person - RRP696 Gen1 Bluetooth Intercom System with Ultimate Headsets - Overstock Special

Rugged 2 Person - RRP696 Gen1 Bluetooth Intercom System with Ultimate Headsets - Overstock Special

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Rock while you ride with the RRP696 Gen1 intercom for in-car communications and Bluetooth wireless capabilities.

Our RRP696 Gen1 intercom allows you to talk to passengers without yelling, directly through a headset or helmet kit. Just start talking and the auto music-dimming will lower the music volume and resume once the conversation has ended making this the ideal intercom for in-car communications between 2 to 4 persons with the ability to expand up to 8 places.

For music and phone calls, simply pair your phone via Bluetooth. Easily connect to Ride Command, GPS, or any Bluetooth device. Pairs well with LeadNav and other Bluetooth audio navigation systems. The high output amplifier provides high fidelity audio for the best in music enjoyment. Enhanced music controls allow you to shuffle through your music directly from the faceplate of the intercom.

Connect an optional cable to the rear AUX port to record intercom and radio audio to a GoPro or other recording device!

Great for recreational off-roading, the RRP696 Gen1 intercom features an RF shielded housing making it compatible with our UTV specific mounts for RZR, Can-Am, Textron and Yamaha or one of our universal faceplates for sandcars, Jeeps, and more.

With a Rugged stamp of approval for durability, the RRP696 Gen1 intercom will outperform your expectations with clear communications and easy music controls.

Included with this kit are two PTT (push-to-talk) buttons for use with optional 2-way radio (not included). With Rugged Radios built-in quick-connect cabling, adding a 2-way radio for vehicle-to-vehicle communications can be done at any time.

Easy, convenient, and powerful — the RRP696 Gen1 Bluetooth intercom delivers outstanding audio performance with a full range of easy-to-access controls while you're on the trail.

Intercom Features:

Hands free voice activated in-vehicle communication
Set VOX volume threshold to activate your mic for in-car communication
Keep your phone tucked away safely and use faceplate controls to manage your music
Music play/pause/volume/skip/call answer/call end buttons
Double stacked knob for volume and VOX control
2-way radio ready
Connect optional cable to rear AUX port to record intercom audio to GoPro or other device
Headset Features:

Carbon Fiber style finish
Dynamic noise cancelling mic
Hardwired coil cord
Molded offroad plug
Large comfortable gel ear seals
Cloth ear covers
High bend test cabling
Easy to use volume control
Kit Includes:

(1) RRP696 Intercom
(2) 12' Intercom Cables
(2) H42 Behind the Head Ultimate Headsets
(1) Coil cord driver side push-to-talk
(1) Straight cord passenger push-to-talk