RUGGED Magnetic Radio Cover for Rugged Radios M1, RM45, GMR45 & RM60 Mobile Radios

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Compatibility: Works with Rugged Radios M1, RM60, GMR45 and RM45 mobile radios. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH RDM-DB.

The magnetic mount Radio Cover for the Rugged Radios M1, RM60, GMR45 and RM45 provides protection from the elements in a simple, rugged design.

Available in black or clear.

Developed by Scosche for the Rugged Radios lineup, the Radio Cover Mount features a tough rubber gasket to seal against the elements while utilizing four powerful magnets to keep the mount in place through all your adventures.

Simply attach and remove as necessary for easy radio operation and protection!

Requires steel mounts for magnets to work. Not compatible with aluminum mounting brackets.

Sold individually.

If installing the Radio Cover with the 696 intercom, a low-profile bezel will be required.