Rugged UNI-MAG Universal NMO or Magnetic Antenna Mount

Rugged UNI-MAG Universal NMO or Magnetic Antenna Mount

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The UNI-MAG features a high quality antenna coaxial cable with free magnetic mount, and is easily convertible to become two mounts in one! 

Mounting Option 1: Magnetic Base

Conveniently mount your antenna to any metal surface using the large magnetic base. This solution is perfect for chase trucks and weekend warriors alike. The strong, powerful, 5 inch magnet base holds tight and won't budge in even the most extreme offroad environments.

Mounting Option 2: NMO Mount

The UNI-MAG easily disassembles to reveal a standard NMO mount. The NMO can be attached to a tab, threaded directly through the roof of your car, or can be attached to a roll cage using our an antenna bar mount.

The included NMO base cable features a UHF / RL-259 connector that works with all Rugged Radios and other manufacturers using this standard connection. In this application, the term "UHF connector" refers to the connector type and not frequency type. 


  • Two mounts in one; use magnetic base or easily disassemble for NMO mount
  • Nickel Plated Brass NMO (Do not over-tighten antenna to NMO connector)
  • Gold Contact Pin
  • 13 Ft. RG-58 Cable: Tinned Copper Braid 95%, Solid Insulation, Stranded Tinned Copper Center Conductor
  • UHF Male Connector 
  • 3-1/4" ABS Base

Featuring a heavy-duty 360 degree crimped NMO connector, the UNI-MAG is tough and ready for offroad adventure!

Note: Antenna not included.

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Great magnet and antenna works amazing!!