Rugged VHF 1/2 Wave No Ground Plane (NGP) Antenna (VHF 144-174Mhz)

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Our most popular VHF antenna for Work, Race, or Play!

This GO FURTHER VHF antenna provides excellent performance in a variety of conditions and mounting locations. It's wide-band technology makes it the best plug-and-play antenna for all VHF applications.

NGP (No Ground Plane), 1/2 wave base loaded antenna. Molded high heat ABS mounting base features silver soldered connections, gold plated push pin contacts and O-ring.

This is our most popular antenna, providing reliable performance in all types of conditions and applications. "No Ground Plane" means the antenna does not have to be attached to a metal surface (such as a vehicle roof or larger body panel). Although using a ground plane is always better, this NGP antenna performs great for all uses, drivers, teams, and applications.

This antenna is already pre-tuned (cut) for application. Simply order, mount, and ride!


VHF Range - 144-174
Connector Type - None
Color - Chrome Model(s)
Gain - 2.4 dB
VHF Bandwidth - 4 MHz
Power (watts) - 200
Whip Material - 17-7PH Stainless Steel
Whip Length - 39.5" VHF
Base Style - NMO Style